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Scott Pratt


Scott was the international bestselling author of 14 novels. His work has sold more than four million copies. He was known for both his Joe Dillard series and his Darren Street series. After his first three Dillard novels were published traditionally by New American Library, an imprint of the publishing giant Penguin, he eventually won the rights back to his books and began publishing them himself using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Much of what he wrote, especially in the Joe Dillard novels, was based on his real-life experiences. The authenticity and accessibility of his personal character shined through in his writing, as both he and the characters he created were beloved by fans all over the world. He never received a message from a reader to which he didn't personally respond, and he shared much of himself and his family with them. Before beginning his writing career, Scott served in the United States Air Force. After finishing his service, he earned a degree in English from East Tennessee State University. He worked as a journalist for the Johnson City Press before eventually choosing to attend the University of Tennessee School of Law. He earned his JD and practiced as a local defense attorney for close to a decade before transitioning to writing.

Scott grew up in Michigan with his three younger brothers and his older sister. He developed his incredible work ethic from an early age, often spending late nights and early mornings cleaning and taking out the garbage at his grandfather's bar, where he would occasionally sneak over and beat on the drums he was teaching himself to play. He spent his summers abusing membership privileges at a local golf course, as his mother would drop him off early in the mornings and pick him up late in the evenings. He loved sports, and he excelled at every one of them that he played. Though he was a gifted athlete, he was an even more gifted artist. He had an incredible singing voice, could play the guitar and drums, and was a sensationally mean dancer. His love of the arts is what led to the meeting of his soulmate, Kristy. After a whirlwind, storybook courtship, he and Kristy married immediately after performing in Pizazz at the Science Hill High School auditorium on April 11, 1987.

Scott Pratt with Family

Scott was a warrior-poet and a family man who believed deeply in the power of love. He was the epitome of a loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather. His resilience and toughness were matched only by those of his late wife, Kristy. The love he and Kristy shared transcends both space and time. His absolute favorite thing was sitting on the back porch in the evenings watching the sun set, listening to music, having a cool vodka drink, and enjoying the deep conversation with his baby and the people he loved most on this earth. Some fire wouldn't suck.

Scott began every novel he wrote with the following dedication: 
This book, along with every book I've written and every book I'll write, is dedicated to my darling Kristy, to her unconquerable spirit and to her inspirational courage. I loved her before I was born and I'll love her after I'm long gone.



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