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Saturdays With Scott: Outfits

Scott and Kristy Pratt both didn’t care one bit what you thought about their clothes. They were both just a little eccentric in their choices, but in different ways.

Scott’s go-to outfit of choice was sweatpants or athletic shorts, an athletic or Under Armour shirt topped with a sleeveless vest or a hoodie, large functional tennis shoes (such as hokas) and a ball cap (usually with a UT logo or the Detroit lions).

Scott was known to wear the same outfit for multiple days, and would show up to a doctor's appointment or a symphony concert in this ensemble. His kids were known to giggle a little under their breath when he showed up to nice events or places in this outfit - he did not care one bit. On the other hand, Scott also liked to dress up to the nines - he used to wear a full suit when he was a basketball coach, and when he was a lawyer, his outfits were perfectly color coordinated by his wife, Kristy.

He was known to wear black trench coats and leather gloves. In his post-lawyer years, he would sometimes go to a nice restaurant completely decked out in a nice outfit his wife had just bought him. There was no in-between for Scott Pratt. He was either in sweats or a suit.

Kristy Pratt, on the other hand, was always festive in her outfit choices. Even her functional athletic outfits would have sparkly shoes, knee high striped socks, crazy bright colored leggings, and her hair in pigtails or two French braids.

When it came to dressing up, Kristy never held back. Her collection of different color sequined Uggs was in the double digits, she had an impressive collection of knee-high heeled boots and rhinestoned heels.

She wore combat boots that were bright silver, and bright royal blue, crushed velvet boots. She had a million different colors of zip-up sweat jackets that she would wear with one of her many ruffled skirts, and knee-high boots. She had athletic tennis shoes in every color. She loved to wear layers and randomly cut the fingers off of her gloves. Kristy Pratt didn’t dress to please the fashion world. She dressed to make herself feel happy.

Her dancers were known to try to guess what she was going to wear, and many of them would dress like her for Halloween (in the best way).

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