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Blood is Black 3D Book.png

From Scott Pratt, the Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling author of the beloved Joe Dillard series, comes the first installment in a fresh new series featuring Presley Carter, a tenacious southern heroine.

Lonnie Black, a man with a dark and dangerous past, has just been elected as the new Governor of the state of Tennessee. 

Shortly after he takes office, some of the state's most heinous and vile criminals see their sentences commuted to time served, releasing dangerous predators onto a vulnerable public.

Presley Carter is a bright, hungry young defense attorney plying her trade in the areas in and around Nashville. Though she's haunted by a horrifying event from her past, she's achieved local renown as a savvy, resourceful lawyer adept at handling - and winning - tough cases. After being approached to file a clemency petition by a father whose son committed a gruesome double-murder, Presley reluctantly agrees to file the document, knowing full well the request has no chance of being granted. When she received a phone call informing her the convict's release has been approved, however, she's shocked to learn she's been unwittingly drawn into an evil scheme that could reach as high as the halls of the state capitol. Presley must then make a difficult choice. Should she stand idly by and allow a shadowy syndicate of corruption to fester in her backyard? Or should she follow in her father's footsteps and take a stand, placing her in the crosshairs of one of the most vicious, powerful men the state has ever seen?

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